GLO Skin - Dry Skin Set

GLO Skin - Dry Skin Set

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Replenish and nourish dry skin with emollient and conditioning products to smooth, soften and revitalize.Your skin is as unique as your individual beauty. Glo Skin Beauty formulas are designed to bring skin to balance and pair seamlessly with treatment products to tackle your tackle your top skin concerns - truly personalized skin solutions.

Includes travel size Conditioning Milk Cleanser, Conditioning Mist, Restorative Cream and Contour Eye Lift.


Dry Skin Set Includes Travel-Size products:

Conditioning Milk Cleanser

  • Recommended for those who struggle with dry skin, or live in harsh arid climates. This light & creamy cleansing milk formula gently washes away impurities while delivering antioxidants to soothe and protect dry skin. Added emollients and skin-strengthening ingredients nourish and condition, leaving skin feeling supple, balanced and soft. 

    Conditioning Mist

    • This nutrient-rich toner contains probiotics, vitamins and minerals to balance, hydrate and soften while optimizing the effectiveness of your skincare regimen.

      Restorative Cream

      • Restorative Cream delivers essential moisture and skin-strengthening antioxidants that protect and repair fragile skin. This moisturizer is ideal for dry, mature or environmentally damaged skin. Apply daily or as needed.

      Contour Eye Lift

      • Contour Eye Lift is an ultra-soothing, silky formula that delivers long-lasting hydration to cushion the delicate tissue surrounding the eyes. This eye cream is free of fragrance and dyes, and is designed to help condition and strengthen sensitive eye skin for a visibly uplifted, refreshed appearance.